YOUR money is in THEIR pocket. What you have to do to get it out. November 29, 2016

YOUR money is in THEIR pocket. What you have to do to get it out.

by Dr. Jeffrey Lant

I’ve taught marketing for more years than I care to remember. The biggest challenge is getting students to understand how marketing works. What is it? Why do you need it? How do you get the biggest return? To answer these questions, I came up with a simple image that works wonders: YOUR money is in THEIR pocket. Do you want it to stay there… or do you want to get the funds into YOUR pocket?

A Primer On Commercial Insurance For Your Business Trucks November 28, 2016

When it comes to purchasing commercial insurance for your trucks, you must research which types of coverage are best for your company and how to remain within your budget.

Types of Coverage

When you initially shop for commercial insurance for vehicles, you will notice that there are several different types of coverage. The types of coverage that you require will vary greatly depending on the type of trucks you own and the cargo you will carry.

New Regulatory Body Set To Transform Britains Wine Investment Industry November 21, 2016

NFIB and WIA to Provide Better Protection for Wine Investors

Millions of Britons enjoy drinking it and many now see it as a long-term investment. Unfortunately, fine wine has also become a focus for fraudsters who trick investors into buying wines or vineyards that bear little resemblance to what they see in the prospectus, or may not even exist. The increasing number of such rorts in Britain has led to calls for action to be taken to protect investors and to increase consumer confidence in fine wines. In the upshot, the UKs National Fraud Intelligence Bureau (NFIB) is joining forces with the newly-formed Wine Investment Association (WIA) to tackle the problem.

On 14 February 2013, the NFIB and the WIA jointly announced the launch of the new self-regulatory body which will aim to transform the growing wine investment industry by providing better protection for investors in the UK. The WIA has been formed by leading figures from the fine wine investment industry and seeks to support the sector’s growth through voluntary regulation, establishing best practices and setting up processes to identify fraudulent activity.

Understand The Pros And Cons Of Bulk Email Marketing November 19, 2016

Bulk email is an e-mail that is sent to several recipients. The number of recipients of this bulk e-mails may vary from hundreds to thousands for every email. Marketing companies are the ones who usually use Bulk e-mailing to direct merchandises and market services to consumers.

Although these e-mails shouldnt be linked with spam emails, countless spam e-mails are sent making use of bulk emailing. However, several people are abusing the use of it and as a result, a lot of customers are reticent.

Who Uses Bulk E-mail?

Modern Platform Scale – a Platform For Electronic Innovation November 18, 2016

Few technologies have opened up new avenues for innovation as
have the arrival electronics. The advent of electronics has meant that
elegant new solutions could be found to age old problems of doing
difficult tasks. In a sense electronics has enabled man kind to give a
human like ability to work, calculate and even reason to machines. And
whenever a hurdle has been identified it has been possible to come up
with an innovation to overcome it effortlessly.

And today the modern platform scale is a testimonial
to how far innovation can go when the enabling technology is as
powerful as modern electronics. At the heart of this electronic
revolution lies the strain gauge and along with that microprocessors
that can compute and make logical decisions. So if you for example take a
counting scale then the strain gauge is able to measure the weight by
the change in the resistance it encounters and based on this weight
reading it is possible for the machine itself to compute the number of
components and directly the count is displayed. This makes counting
large number of components very easy for us humans.

The material
of construction too has increased in its range. It is possible you
require high standards of hygiene in your operations. In this case you
will require a platform scale that is easy to clean and has surfaces
that can achieve food grade standards of cleanliness. A wash down
stainless steel floor scale will be the option for you and you can get
one of the right weighing range easily now. Your operations will have in
the past been less about weighing the goods and more about cleaning the
scale and that will change once you have a modern platform scale
designed for your application.

Career Objective Examples For Resumes How To Instantly Grab Any Employer’s Attention November 15, 2016

When writing your resume, one of the first things you have to consider is your career objective. Ive been there before and I know how challenging it can be to come up with something note-worthy. In this case, it doesnt hurt to look for outstanding career objective examples for resumes you can base on.

You might wonder why your resume needs to have an attractive career objective. How does a sentence or two affect the long list of achievements in your resume?

Well, for starters, the career objective is usually the first line your potential employers will see once they scan your resume. From that one line, they would most likely recognize which candidates have creativity and spunk; and which candidates are simply just like the rest.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Facebook And Twitter November 15, 2016

Social media is a place where you can share and network with friends and now-a-days even businesses. It enables you to approach your potential customers, converse with various businesses from across the globe and get to learn a lot many new things. There are various social media platforms that offer these services like Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn, MySpace, etc. But the most popular of all are Facebook and twitter. Facebook and twitter are mediums that have evolved a lot in time, with so many new businesses joining them and making profile in them. But still there are many people who are unaware about the advantages and disadvantages involved in using Facebook and twitter. Advantages: Facebook: 1.Facebook is very easy to join. The whole process of joining and then building a profile can be performed by any person new to the medium.

2.It enables you to easily find communities of groups that are related to your niche of business.

3.As a business you can search for your potential customers without much trouble.