A2 media digipak analysis essay

Sophie Mullett A2 Media Monday, 12 November A2 media digipak analysis essay. 38. Digipak Research I have decided to conduct some research into digipaks to gain an idea of what I want to create for my own. By researching it I can realise what would make a successful one. people are far likely to use other media forms for example the Internet. So, therefore, more Posted in Advanced Portfolio, Digi Pack, Media Language, Research& Planning, Uncategorized Leave a comment Digipak analysis conventions Posted on October 30, 2017 by Mrs C A2 Media Studies By Alec Samrai& Graeme Moorhouse Main menu.

Skip to content Digipak Research Ben. to choose the digipak design that we wanted to use we researched and went to view existing digipaks of music from the same genre.

to get the first hand view we went to HMV in town and looked around the hiphop section as their Year 13 A2 Media Studies. Monday, 23 January 2012. Digital Technology Essay Draft I have used Photoshop to design my Digipak, as my skills in this program have developed, as opposed to AS where I made the film company logos using a simpler program, Paint and carried out straightforward operations such as converting an image Refer to a range of examples from your media productions in your answer.

attractive digipak and successful advertisement which worked very well together as a package and received very positive feedback from the audience. conclusion relating back to the question and summing up key skills you have developed in that area over the AS and A2 Transcript of A2 Media Studies Digipak. A2 Media Studies A digipak usually consists of 46 panels which unfold into a bookstyle case which holds the CD inside.

I have chosen to create a 4 panel digipak in my final piece taking my own professional pictures and using Photoshop to get my desired effect. Indepth Analysis The front cover Digipack analysis A2 Media 1. DIGIPACK ANALYSIS INDIE ROCK GENRE 2.

KINGS OF LEON Only By The Night 3. The CD digipack designed for Kings of Leons album has some very artistic vision induced into it, specifically the symbolic eagle which is on both the front and back of the cover.

Digipak A2 media studies hollylaverick. Digipak Digipak Analysis. A2 Media Studies by Kieran Hathway on 16 October 2015 Tweet. Comments (0 A Digipak is a patented style (To AGI media packaging. ) of CD, DVD or BD packaging. Digipak's consist of a gate fold book style predominately with cardboard for the outer material (Always made of a sustainable material.

) and plastic cases A2 Media Coursework Research DigiPak Analysis 6X 1. A2 Media Coursework Toluwaloju Awojobi 2. On this first DigiPak that I analysed, there was a lack of images, which is a negative point because it then has no iconography.

A2 Media Tuesday, 4 September 2012. Digipak Analysis: Newton Faulkner, Write It On your skin The photograph used on the front cover shows Newton Faulkner himself. Although he has had a few previous albums and singles, he is not a mainstream popular artist. Digipak Analysis of What the Night Delivers by Sco Digipak Analysis: I have done a digipak analysis on 4 different albums, two of which are rap, one pop and one rock, I done these range of genres to see how different genres of music create and present their music, from this I found that a digipak design is down to creative interpretation, most digipaks follow a basic structure of a front cover, back cover, left

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