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Guardian Jobs advice on how to write a CV Published: 17 Dec 2015 By Kirstie Brewer A recruiter will typically take just five to seven seconds to read your CV and decide whether you are a worthy candidate. For my current job, do I use present tense and the rest of the resume past tense? Or should it all match, like all past tense or all present tense?

The simple rule is that you should use past tense for past jobs Resume cv tense present tense for your current job. In reviewing other resume books, I am confused about the grammar hangups on resumes. I have always been taught to use the same verb tense within the resume, whether the job is current or not. My questions are as follows: Present tense resume elements If you'd like to include some present tense verbs on your resume, you should use these exclusively for responsibilities that you still perform.

Thus, you may choose to list all your responsibilities for your current job in present tense while listing the responsibilities for past positions in past tense. Dont worry; this is not going to be a remake of those horrible grammar classes that you had to endure when you were a child.

Were just here to remind you that you can further enhance and strengthen the impact of your CV by making correct use of the tenses. After all, if you're an active job seeker, you're ready to put that current job in the past and make your next career move, so you might as well start with your resume. But whatever you do, the key is to be consistent throughout the entire resume. Random mixing and matching of verb tenses is a resume don't. Present Tense on a Resume While the differences are subtle, the answer is past tense for past work experience and present tense for current job duties.

(Accomplishments should always be in past tense. ) Resume writers can differ. One resume writer may choose to always use the past tense. For me, if you are still doing it, it belongs in present tense. In your past jobs, you need to make sure everything is past tense.

When you update your resume and add a new position, be sure to check your tenses.

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