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INTERMEDIATE EXAMINATION, 3 (vi) Thatta (vii) Multan (viii) Lahore (ix) Peshawar. 4. Making of Pakistan. The outline of the courses contains the following major themes and their contents: CHAPTER XIII THE LAHORE RESOLUTION, 1940: CHAPTER XIV TOWARDS PAKISTAN: 1.

Cripps Mission. 2. Cabinet Mission. 3. The Lahore Resolution commonly known as the Pakistan Resolution was a formal political statement adopted by the Muslim League at the occasion of its threeday general session on 2224 March 1940 that called for greater Muslim autonomy in British India.

Pakistan Resolution Essay The Pakistan resolution (also known as the Lahore resolution) called for the creation of one or more separate Muslim states on the Indian subcontinent. The AllIndia Muslim League passed the resolution on March 23, 1940, during its meeting at Lahore, India.

Lahore Resolution (1940 ). Last Phase of Struggle Start of Pakistan Movement. OutLine. Background Apprehensions of Muslim Salariat in united India Popularity of partition proposals Atrocities of Congress Ministries Desire for a Separate Muslim Homeland JinnahS Sagacity Features 2 LAHORE RESOLUTION 1940 CONTENTS S.

No. TOPICS PAGE# 1 Introduction 2 2 Past Research 2 3 Background of the Lahore Resolution 3 4 History of the Idea of a Separate Muslim Homeland in Subcontinent 3 5 Proceedings of the Session 5 6 Importance of the Venue 6 7 Jinnahs Historic Speech 7 8 The the Lahore resolution of 1940 was basically the first call for an independent Muslim state by a group of influential Muslims called the muslim league led by QuaidiAzam Muhammad Ali Jinnah(he's sort of the founding father of Pakistan and the Lahore resolution is kind of like the declaration of independence).

well actually, muslim Lahore resolution 1940 From March 22 to March 24, 1940, the All India Muslim League held its annual. session at Minto Park, Lahore. This session proved to be historical. 23 March In Pakistan History essay Speech Lahore Resolution 1940 is having importance In Pakistan History. Pakistan Day Speech and Essay in English with the complete words for students available here so if you need 23 March Essay Or 23 March Speech then here it is.

The resolution for the establishment of a separate homeland for the Muslims of British India passed in the annual session of the All India Muslim League held in Lahore on 2224 March 1940 is a landmark document of Pakistans history.

LECTURE 11 THE LAHORE RESOLUTION, 1940. LECTURE 12 MAJOR POLITICAL DEVELOPMENTS IN or Never" pamphlet was written in 1933 by Ch. Rehmat Ali" Pakistan National Movement" was founded by Ch. Rehmat Ali" Outline of a Scheme of Indian federation" was written by Sikandar Hayat Khan Lahore resolution was Essay on Resolution

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