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Scannable Resumes and Why They Matter. Non scannable resume Worksheet. What is a scannable resume? A scannable resume is very similar to a traditional resume; the difference is that it can be scanned using optical character recognition (OCR) software and There are no costs to use or export your scannable resume and you can always come back to change or add to it any time you need to.

It is a good idea to also have a scannable cover letter on hand. If the employer requests one you will Scannable resumes are plainly formatted to be suitable for scanning into a computerized resume database. At one time, resumes were designed to appeal only to humans. Italics, lines, underlining, etc were encouraged. SCANNABLE RESUME SAMPLE In the scannable sample below, the content of the resume remains the same; however, all lines have been removed, the text has Non scannable resume left aligned, the columns and large indentation have been removed, the bullets have been reformatted and the font has been changed to conform with scanning guidelines.

The slides presented here are designed to aid the facilitator in an interactive presentation of scannable resumes. This presentation is ideal for students who already have some working knowledge of general resume writing and need to tailor their resume Essentially, instead of doing things that would make your resume appealing to the human eye, you would keep a very simple format. In the late 1990s to early 2000s, many employers requested that students and other job candidates have scannable resumes.

A scannable resume is a resume which allows a computer reader to search it optically in hard copy, for the purposes of compiling resume information in a database. These types of resumes were popular when companies took paper documents and scanned them for employment information, for the purposes of recruiting.

A scannable resume is a resume that a person scans into a computer as an image. Because computers read scannable resumes differently than people do, you have to follow certain rules to be fairly sure that your scannable resume With scannable rsums, which of the following is a DONT? a. Print on white paper with black ink. b. Use Get the answers you need, now! A scannable resume is just any document or resume format, saved as plain text. Any plain text resume will look like this below.

All of the format is lost, and the employer likes this no frills so there equipment can scan more efficiently.

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