Letter for late submission of thesis

Sub: Late Submission of ESIC Declaration From1 Dear Sir Madam We attached here with the declaration forms of the employees, whose forms submission was delayed due to the collection of photos from the new joining employees. Apologize for the late submission. If you can, write when the work should have been submitted. This shows that you understand the consequences of your late submission.

Show understanding. When someone opens a letter, explaining a late submission, the first thing that goes through their mind is always the consequence of their work. Apology letter for late submission of thesis. How to write apology letter for late submission of thesis? How to write apology letter for late submission of thesis presentation?

Have some family issue and job pressure, i could not submit my thesis in due time. please give approval for continuing my thesis. Explanation Letter Sample For Late Can i have a sample letter explaining reasons for the late Sample explanation letter for late submission of explaining reasons for the late submission of thesis Im writing thesis submission extension letter. Mar 24, 2008 If however there is little evidence of this, no real clear plan for finishing the thesis and the supervisor is unable to make a good case, then things don't look so good for the student.

This sample letter is a format for expressing regret over delay in submitting document by any individual. It can be used by an individual or organization for expressing the same to a business, company or institution. This personal apology letter can either be e Sample apology letter for being late in submission of assignment. A student writes this letter to the teacher apologizing for late submission of assignment or homework.

When writing this letter, it is very important to remain formal. Use good and kind words to express yourself. The contents of the letter should be able to convince the recipient. I am writing this letter to request an extension in the deadline for submitting my PhD thesis. The date for submission is April 30, 2013, but I still have some research work pending and fear that I will not be able to complete it within the original time frame.

Letter of Apology for Delay Delays of all types are a part of modern day society so crafting a letter of apology for any type of delay is a pretty common practice. Regardless if the cause for the delay is our fault or out of our control, the resulting effect is the same.

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