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Major Economic Problems of the Philippines Essay Major Economic Problems of the Philippines ImportExport Imbalance: Among the many economic problems faced by the Philippines, one is the imbalance of imports and exports. The negative trade is heavy and only counterbalanced by the service account surplus.

Jun 24, 2018 Good answers already, but may I add that the Philippines is facing energy problems particularly in terms of its high price. The main power distribution utility company which is Meralco charges its consumers very high prices which groups like the POWER, Matuwid na Singil sa Kuryente, and other civic society groups condemn.

In the Philippines, the lack of education is the primary reason why it cannot move forward towards progress, and has led to social problems such as: scarcity of job opportunities, impoverished family life, and lack of environmental concerns among the marginalized members of our society.

Poverty is one of the major problems in the Philippines which should be solved. Because of poverty, people suffer from hunger and people live on the streets. We will write a custom essay sample on Problems In The Philippines And Its Causes specifically for you Poverty: The Philippines Most Common Problem Essay Sample. Poverty and inequality have been recurrent challenges in the Philippines and have again come to the fore in the wake of the current global financial crisis and rising food, fuel, and commodity prices experienced in 2008.

The Seven biggest problems facing the Philippines today In order to find any solution, one must know the problem. So let us make a list development. 3 Scope of the Essay For this reason, this essay will look into the education policy issues in the Philippines, focusing on tertiary education, which will directly relate to the socioeconomic development of the country.

Corruption, poverty and human rights issues are three of the major social issues facing the Philippines in 2017. Corruption is a decadesold problem in the Philippines. The country ranks 101 out of 176 countries on the 2017 Corruption Perceptions Problems in the philippines essay (CPI), which evaluated the countries Programs for Scholars Essay Contests.

POVERTY IS NOTHING Poverty it is everybody's problem. Everybody in a sense that boy or girl, young or old, even rich or poor, that is one of their problems.

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