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10 year reflection essay Well in the past ten years I have been going to schooling to become a veterinarian technician and an equine trainer. In those years that I have been doing so I have traveled around the country quite a lot. In ten years from now I will be 28 years old and everything else is just a fantasy.

I plan on finishing two years of prerequisite classes at Kirkwood and then continuing on to Mount Mercy University to study nursing and earn my BSN (Bachelors in Nursing).

Jun 15, 2011 The next ten years I hope to accomplish a lot of more things. I would like to open a adoption agent that help young children and not to abuse them treat them as if they were one of our kids.

Ito help my community in any ways possible. Essay on Where I Will be in Ten Years 742 Words 3 Pages As a senior in high school many students ponder the big question of life that seems to be asked by many.

10 years from now I hope will be out of my day job, I have paid all my student loans back and Im working and enjoying what I do online. Of course, the reasons we all want to work for ourselves is the luxury of being your own Jul 19, 2015  Ten years from now I can see myself being very different from the way I am now, as I would like to change a lot of things.

First, Ill try to change my body image. Ill lose more weight and do a lot of exercises to get a nice body. Now imagining five to ten years from now I have passed all my classes and graduated from Heald College.

Perfected a good Essay about 10 years from now resume to land a job as a Medical Office Administration. Now a career at a well know show more content Ten years from now I plan to be raising my children, coming out of college with several degrees, and being happy. They say in ones life we all make choices, but in the end, our choices make us. Youre about to embark with me unto the long, curvy road of my life, and Watch upon it as it unfolds through my eyes.

10 Years From Now I dont like thinking too much about the future, Ive always been one to worry. Despite all the whatifs that go through my head on the daily, I try to remember that there are certain things that I can control and many things that I cant.

Below is an essay on" 10 Years from Now" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples. (Time flies by like a roll of toilet paper) No one can predict his own future and no one exactly can tell what will be your life next 5 or 10 years from 2013, theres a possibility that you will die or theres a

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