Geo Targeting – The Most Important Component Of Effective And Successful Email Marketing Strategy March 31, 2016

Geo targeting

Start of the World Wide Web has brought us countless benefits in all walks of life. Since the platform is most reliable for fastest communication, business and commercial sectors took no time in taking the advantage of the huge potential that it offered and continues to offer till today.

In todays highly competitive business sector, almost all the commercial organizations and entrepreneurs have reoriented their marketing strategies to effectively promote their products and services.

This led to inventing or innovating newer marketing ideas and concepts. Amongst many successful promotional strategies, email marketing is a very popular concept prevailing in todays e-commerce. Wide usage of the fastest email communication, email marketing has evolved as a very common method of promoting business concepts, ideas, products, services and anything that can or needs to be promoted.

Geo targeting is one of the basic components of email marketing strategy. Geo targeting effectively allows efficient traffic management and provides most successful direct and affiliate marketing procedures.

What is geo targeting anyway? Geo targeting can simply be defined as a method to identify an internet users physical location and regional market characteristics based on which relevant contents can be delivered either in the visited webpage or the email delivered. For example, a potential customer located at Delray Beach, Florida looking for cell phones would naturally be interested in the cell phone deals available around his/her area and not the entire U.S. Geo targeting strategy implies that manufacturers or retailers offer their cell phone promotional emails which focus on areas within or around Delray Beach.

Geo targeting essentially attracts more number of customers or buyers than any other types of marketing. It saves valuable time both for customers and sellers without their involvement in the entire product/service inventory. Targeted buyers are also influenced with a rather personal approach geo targeting offers with its focus on the geographic area where they are located.

Question is how does geo targeting work? The answer is very simple. Geo targeting may either use your logon and/or subscription information or simply identify your computers IP (internet protocol) address to deliver relevant contents.

For successful geo targeting, marketing agencies must have these capabilities. If we subscribe to email notifications which give us updates on products/services, we normally need to fill up a form with some details like Name, Age/Date of Birth, Sex, Address (Street, province, state, country etc), Zip code, Telephone number, Time Zone etc. A single or combination of some of these elements can give the location specific information to the website that hosts the promotional newsletters/emails. Basing on this, the marketing department can then deliver their offers applicable for the customers area.

In case targeted potential customers do not sign up with a form mentioned above, their IP address can be identified by methods of trace routes, pings, ISP information etc. Email marketing and/or affiliate marketing can then be directed using the location information.

In short, geo targeting is a key to efficient traffic management of the e-commerce websites. Through geo targeting successful email marketing can be achieved both for direct and affiliate marketing.

BASF to expand in the U.S. investment industry, nano-silver ink – China digital diving watches March 31, 2016

Ludwig-based investment company BASF (BASF Venture Capital GmbH), has announced that it will invest in U.S. startups – NanoMas Technologies Limited. NanoMas is specialized in the development of nano-silver ink on high-tech chemical enterprise, the product can be used in printed circuit board manufacturing, and solar cells, and special adhesives industry. The company’s first round of financing in NanoMas operation, which raised a total of 3.2 million U.S. dollars investment funds (about 2.35 million euros), of which BASF investment firm invested 150 million (approximately 110 million euros), other institutional investors include Earthrise Capital Partners and NanoMaterials Investors two investment companies. NanoMas funds raised will be used to expand the productive capacity of nano-products and to strengthen its research and development in the field of R & D efforts, while part of the funds will be used in the existing market development of nano-silver ink link. In the growing and nano silver ink can be widely used in electronic transistors, conductors and semiconductors and other products. Metallic silver with high electrical conductivity and other properties not easily oxidized. NanoMas innovative technology to produce at low temperature silver nanoparticles more advanced, the technology can greatly improve productivity and reduce production cost effective. The process technology is a printed circuit board materials such as temperature sensitivity ideal for printed circuit board can be enhanced by silver nano-ink printing performance, so that the application of RFID to meet the FRID needs and the cost savings compared with traditional technology, the technology has now RFID applications in the fields.BASF to expand in the U.S. investment industry, nano-silver ink – China digital diving watchesBASF to expand in the U.S. investment industry, nano-silver ink – China digital diving watchesBASF to expand in the U.S. investment industry, nano-silver ink – China digital diving watches

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Advertising Success With Deft Media Planning March 31, 2016

For communicating a marketing or advertising message to the masses two major events have to occur – message creation and message dissemination. Media planning companies are concerned with message dissemination. The main aim of the media planning companies is to devise strategies which will make the advertising or marketing message reach to a very pin-pointed segment of consumers. A media planning company has to establish how much of each media category has to be used in dissemination of message.

Media options available

* T.V., Radio
* Digital media
* Social media
* Print media
* Mobile phones
* Outdoor advertising

Media planning decisions

* Which media to use
* When and where to use
* What duration to use
* How often to use

This means that the task of Media planning companies is to strategically use available platforms or channels of media like T.V., Radio, Social media or Newspapers and banners etc and tactically decide the timing of the advertising or marketing campaign as well as how much space it will use in each of the chosen media platforms. Normally the desired duration of a media campaign is communicated by the client to the media planning companies, otherwise it can be suggested by media planning companies also. Last step of media planning involves deciding the frequency with which the media message will be repeated in various media so that the campaigns impact and message retention by consumers can be maximized.

Media planning components

* Target Audience
* Communication goals
* Communication strategies
* Media mix
* Media tactics

Target audience

The Media planning companies start off the media planning process by establishing who the target audience is or can be. It means they have to evolve strategies which not only target the known target audience but also create new potential consumers. The target audience is categorized on the basis of variables like:

* Demographics
* Psychographics
* Generational cohort
* Product or brand usage
* Primary and secondary audience

Demographics Demographics means detailed information about a persons social standing. It includes gender, age, education levels, employment categories, income level, marital status, residence details etc. Social Media Marketing Companies use this information to ascertain the propensity or inclination of demography towards a particular media usage and based upon that try to categorize them into target audience or non-target audience.

Psychographics Psychographics refers to behavioral traits of target demography. It includes their personality, attitudes and beliefs, opinions and personal interests and most importantly their buying decision making tendencies. The Media planning companies try to sub-categorize the target audience on the basis of their psychographics so that media planning strategies can be downloaded with more effectiveness. Media planning companies refer to psychographics as VALS which stands for Values and Lifestyles.

Generational Cohort This categorization of target audience is on the belief that the new generation will be influenced by the choices of previous generations of the household because they were exposed to these choices in their early formative years.

Product or brand users Media planning companies identify the target audience by observing the historical product category or brand consumption levels of a given demography.

Primary and secondary consumers Sometimes the primary target audience do not actually make the buying activity but they influence the secondary target consumer to take the buying decision. For example parents buying toys for children or a big wall TV for old parents room.

Communication goals & strategies

Once the primary task of identifying target audience has been completed, the Media planning companies set their communication goals. This goal tries to quantify the degree of advertising message exposure within the target audience. For example the communication goal for a media plan can be exposing 60% of target audience at least once in a day to the advertisement message, be it on any media platform. Similarly another communication goal can be that the new brand will attain 30% of the market share within 3 months dislodging the present brands. The communication goal is achieved by careful strategizing of:-

* Reach
* Frequency
* Media mix
* Media scheduling

Reach Reach is the exposure of target audience to the advertisement message. Reach can be expressed as a percentage of population. For example, 60% of married women between the age group of 18 and 40. It can also be calculated as accumulation of target audience over a period of time. For example a communication goal can be to increase target audience from 30% to 60% or more. Lastly the reach is expressed as Gross rating point or GRP for the TV media. GRP is the viewership of a TV program expressed in percentage. A GRP of 35 means 35% of target audience with TV are presently watching a particular broadcast.

Frequency Frequency is the measure of repletion of Advertising or marketing message for the target audience over a period of time. Therefore it can also be called ratio of GRP over the reach. Mathematically it is expressed as Frequency = GRP/Reach. If Double GRP is 55 and reach is 35 then frequency will be 1.57. The media planning companies gauge their success by effective frequency criteria. Effective frequency is the minimum number of media exposure for a given media plan. It means how many people saw the Ad once, twice, thrice or n number of times.

Media Mix – Media objectives, budget and properties of media vehicles are the three deciding factors of a media mix strategy by the Media planning companies. The aim is to find the cheapest possible media vehicle to attain the objectives of media plan. The media planning companies may use any of these two media-mix strategies; media concentration or media dispersion. Media Concentration aims at exploiting fewer number of media vehicles whereas the media dispersion strategy tries to use a greater number of media vehicles.

Media scheduling Media planning companies schedule the media campaign in three basic scheduling strategies.

* Continuous scheduling Equal media spendings across media campaign duration
* Flight scheduling Variation scheduling, higher at one time and zero at another.
* Pulse scheduling Combination of upper points. Low and high variations.

Media Tactics Media tactics are employed to optimize reach and effective frequency. For example a high level of reach requirement would mean using more media vehicles. It may mean placing Advertisement in all major newspapers in a week or Advertising on all major TV channels during same time slot of the day or placing online Ad on all pages of a web service like Yahoo for a week. By tactically increasing the frequency, more number of audiences can be exposed using lesser media vehicles. For example media planning companies may decide to bombard only newspapers of a region with daily Ads in prominently visible space with the idea that over a period of time all target audience will be surely expose to it. Same may be the tactic for TV media or online media.

Media planning is the best Advertising tool

The scientific application of media planning is the best Advertising tool a business can have. Even the most creative of advertisement campaign can fall flat on its face if not handled by expert media planning companies. Its a science of consumer behavior and the arithmetic of probabilities, ratio proportions and law of averages. Best part is it works like magic every time !

Power Management Integrated Circuits (ic) Market To 2020 – Battery Powered Portable Gadgets To Drive March 31, 2016

The growing use of battery-powered consumer devices is expected to be a key growth driver of Power Management ICs during the forecast period 2010-2020. Power Management ICs find their usage in consumer devices such as smart phones, digital cameras, mp3s, iPods, LCD TVs, washing machines, and refrigerators. Power Management ICs are typically used for power supply and battery management applications in electronic devices. The Power Management IC revenue share from consumer appliances is expected to rise from $1,782m in 2004 to $2,751m by 2016. The rapid adoption of smart phones is expected to boost the demand of Power Management ICs. The usage of smart phones is set to increase dramatically with the sales volume forecasted to rise from 174 million in 2009 to 500 million in 2014 at a CAGR of 16.28%. The deployment of next generation mobile networks such as 3G in India and 4G in South Korea is anticipated to aid the sales growth of smart phones. OEMs and ODMs of smart phones are increasingly using modern Power Management ICs because of their superior capabilities, higher efficiency, and smaller form factor.

Consumer electronics companies are raising the bar in terms of reducing the energy consumption of their products and this trend is expected to increase the demand for Power Management ICs. Consumer device vendors are going for energy efficiency certifications such as Energy Star and TCO. The requirements for such energy efficiency certifications are getting increasingly stringent which is further accentuating the need for Power Management ICs in electronic devices. The sales revenues of Power Management ICs are expected to grow at a CAGR of 6.27% between 2009 and 2016.

The consumption for Power Management ICs in Asia is expected to show a marked growth between 2010 and 2020. Asian countries have become both the world s largest consumer and supplier of electronic goods due to their huge population and the rising per capita income, plus the favorable government policies. For instance, China with the second largest economy in terms of nominal GDP is the fastest growing economy in the world. China holds the largest supply and consumption of Power Management ICs with sales revenue of $2,387m in 2009. The top semi-conductor companies in China are SMIC, Hua Hong NEC and HeJian. China s success has been due to its flexible government policies, low manufacturing costs, efficient infrastructure and the improved literacy rate. Taiwan s TSMC was the first foundry company to be set up in an Asian country. It is by far the largest semi-conductor company with a market capitalization of $ 40.4 billion as of January 2009. Almost all the ODMs and OEMs in the electronics market have their manufacturing base in this region. The cluster of these companies in this region is due to the availability of a vast pool of cheap human resource and the supportive government policies.

GBI Research s Semi-conductor s report, Power Management Integrated Circuits (IC) Market to 2020 – Battery Powered Portable Gadgets to Drive Sales Growth provides the key market statistics and analysis on the Power Management IC industry. The report covers the key market drivers, restraints and growth forecasts for the major segments in the Power Management Industry. Rapid adoption of smart phones is expected to boost the demand of Power Management ICs. The usage of smart phones is set to increase dramatically with the sales volume forecasted to go from 174 million in 2009 to 500 million in 2014 at a CAGR of 16.28%. The deployment of next generation mobile networks such as 3G in India and 4G in South Korea is anticipated to aid the sales growth of smart phones. OEMs and ODMs of smart phones are increasingly using modern Power Management ICs because of their superior capabilities, higher efficiency, and smaller form factor. This report is built using data and information sourced from proprietary databases, primary and secondary research and in-house analysis by GBI Research s team of industry experts.

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Affiliate Marketing Opportunity Which One Is Right For You March 30, 2016

What is the best way to find out which affiliate marketing opportunity is best for you? Although the most competitive, affiliate marketing is also one of the best and most popular ways to earn money online.

Begin with what you already know and have experience in. You will then have a competitive edge knowing the niche and niche products you are involved with.

Recent studies reveal that the only ones we feel secure about taking advice from are industry experts, our friends and family. This is due to the fact that our faith in sellers and resellers has diminished over the past year. Confident shoppers are even now wary about making purchases.

You should try to establish yourself as a credible resource if you can`t be your prospective customers` best friend. When you already have some interest in as well as prior knowledge of the niche market that you are looking for an affiliate marketing opportunity in this is easier to do.

Think carefully about yourself when looking for an affiliate marketing opportunity. What sparks your interest? What are your hobbies? Are there products and services that you have used or are still using that you would like to spread the word about?

When you have decided on the niche you want to be involved in there are many opportunities to consider.

Often affiliate marketing leads us to a product or service that we are familiar with. Creating a product review website then is a great affiliate marketing opportunity. Being able to share opinions about the products we are using makes product review sites very popular.

However, if there is too much competition in the products that you are interested in reviewing or you are not interested in reviewing products that your are familiar with, then an alternative is to create a niche website that offers fresh, new to the market services and products.

There is never a shortage of new things available for virtually every niche, so if you enjoy testing the latest things that come on the market then this type of affiliate marketing opportunity could be just up your street.

Rather look for and offer items that are new to your niche market instead of offering affiliate products that have been around for a long time. So that you can be sure that your consumers are getting the best advice you should still test the products and services yourself. You will be reviewing products that most people have never seen or heard of before. The whole idea is to offer something new and you will still need to be very knowledgeable about the niche you decide to get involved in.

Finding the products is the difficult part of this type of affiliate marketing opportunity and many of us don`t know where to even begin looking for them. The same applies to selling. Signing up with affiliate niche sites is one of the best ways to find new products and test new services.

Affiliate niche sites allow affiliates sign up for their affiliate marketing opportunity and offer merchants the opportunity to introduce their new services and products.

Usually hundreds of new affiliate products are offered on these sites and there is something for virtually every niche. As with any business you will still have to do the normal research that you would do with and decide if the product or service is a worthwhile venture, but it is more convenient choosing from a huge selection of products and services on one site is more than surfing the net for the latest hot items.

It is important that you choose an affiliate marketing opportunity where you can establish yourself as a credible resource whether you decide you want to offer your consumers a chance to try something new or to offer products and services that you are already familiar with.

About the Author: Cynthia Minnaar runs her own successful online affiliate business full-time from home. As a staff member of the The Niche Power Group discover how she can help you find the right affiliate marketing opportunity and succeed online too.

The Influence Of Aggressive-subtle Internet Marketing Strategy On Your Business March 30, 2016

In the online environment nothing plays as crucial a role in your businesses success as that of the internet marketing strategy. Marketing is a necessary tool in any business environment but in the high competition environment of the internet it plays an even greater role. When you consider a well established internet marketing strategy you can usually see it divided into two main categories, aggressive marketing and subtle marketing. These two categories are efficient on their own but when you are able to develop a plan that incorporates both ideas, you will develop a fantastic internet marketing strategy.
The aggressive website marketing strategy is usually a company’s direct method of attempting to reach customers and inform them of their goods or services. There are several different types of this strategy that range from the use of target marketing to direct mailing efforts. The internet represents one of the first environments where target website marketing strategy becomes efficient, permitting you to promote specifically on sites which appeal to your clients and then track the efficiency of those ads.
You could even discover one of the most effective direct marketing opportunities which have ever existed. Whilst not every individual has a mailing address, nearly every person across the globe has an e-mail address, usually more than one. This enables you to get your message to consumers directly without the uncertainty relating to the postal service.
While aggressive website marketing strategy is reminiscent of conventional marketing methods, the subtle website marketing strategy opportunities generate new ways for businesses to help consumers find them. This is most effectively done when you take benefit of search engine optimization tools.
Through this exclusive online feature you will be able to use keywords which will aid clients find your site over others in search engines. The more efficient your keyword implementation is with search engine optimization tools, the higher you will appear on search results and the higher the percentage clients would visit your website as a solution to their search. Those businesses that do not look into keyword proficiency opportunities are normally left low on these search engine results, resulting in gaining no additional business from the free search engine searches.
Internet marketing strategy is an essential component of any business plan and when you make this feature secondary on your priority list, you would only be delaying the chance to locate new customers. The on-line environment may have millions of potential clients but the longer it takes them to find your business, the greater the opportunity for other companies to establish brand recognition and consumer bonds.

Choose Hospitality & Tourism Management As Your Career After Intermediate March 29, 2016

After completing 12th, choosing a career is a big decision because you are going to invest a lot of time on your studies and them spend many life hours working in the field you have chosen. One of the major aspects that you need to keep in mind is that how easily you will get job after completion of your studies. If you are considering the career in hospitality management though, you already know how will be seeking employment in this rapid growing industry in the world.

Hospitality management is a wide term that includes various sorts of careers. However, they are different in terms of responsibilities, the various careers all have in common the fact you will be serving people by providing specialized services. You can select the general hospitality industry and will discover you have many options in terms of employment opportunities. Your training for certification in any of the fields of study includes a customized curriculum to suit your educational requirements. You not only study cooking or room management, but also supervision of staff, budgeting and ordering of supplies.

Jumpstarting to Success
The careers in hospitality management are widely categorized under food or hotel management. By acquiring a certification within your selected field of study, you are able to jumpstart what would take years of on the job training. It results to faster promotion and wider opportunities.

Hotel and tourism careers are available in a number of different businesses. In some cases, careers are even built by blending more than one field such as hotel and restaurant management. Some of the famous careers include the following:
Restaurant management
Hotel management
Cruise ship food and beverage manager
Convention or event planning
Corporate planning
Resort management
Tourism industry
Flight catering

There are not all the possible careers available and new ones are development every day. Some the newest careers are in this area such as IT as related to the hospitality industry. Lots of countries are realizing that attracting tourist dollars can provide economic stability and resort areas are searching for qualified managers and chefs.

IIMT is among the best colleges for hotel management, offering hospitality management colleges and hospitality and tourism management course with all contemporary way of teaching and practical to boost your career in hospitality and tourism management industry.

Ethics 101 Morals At Work March 29, 2016

You have probably heard the word “ethics” thrown around quite a bit, but do you know what ethics are? Ethics are a person or corporations moral philosophy, which involves how a person or business defines and handles right and wrong behavior. A solid ethical foundation is generally based upon human rights, what is fair and what is in the best interest of the workplace (both employer and employee).

Due to the fact that ethics can vary greatly depending on many factors, it can be difficult for a business to determine where the lines are drawn in the sand when it comes to quandaries involving ethical decisions. It is important not to confuse ethics with the law, as some laws may not be in line with what we consider to be ethical. What is ethical can change based on where we work and who we interact with.

Almost all employees will find themselves from time to time in a position where they are being asked to do something that is unethical. If a superior requests a financial report but asks that the numbers be manipulated, it is unethical, especially if you know that finagling the figures will benefit the recipient.

Managers are supervisors are not the only people who can dish out unethical requests and behaviors; colleagues are guilty of the same. Some new employees have reported being asked by more senior staff members to do their assignments or even take tests on their behalf. Of course, because the staff member is new, they feel pressure to be accepted and comply with the requests.

If you are in a position where your ethics or that of your employer comes into question, sit down and have a very frank discussion with the offender or even your Human Resources Department. Chances are, they may not even recognize their own behaviors. Be proactive and take steps towards prevention by educating yourself on workplace ethics.

If you are a job-seeker, it is important for you to know whom you are working for when you are seeking employment. Do research on the companies where you have applied and make sure you are asking questions.

Ask about the work environment, where the company sees itself in 5 years, and what the turnover rate is like. It is just as important for a recruiter to learn about its potential employees, as it is for to determine if the company will be a good fit for you.

Changes In Top Management In Tata Motors March 29, 2016

Tata motors have made changes in their top management cadre invoved in passenger cars business by mobilizing the best internal resources to improve their passenger car sales.

The persons who have been posted in the key positions from their existing positions are as follows.

1.Mr. Telang P.M. MD looks after the Indian Operations in Tata Motors
2.S. Krishnan Senior Vice President, International business Operations
3.Nitin Seth Senior GM, Cross company initiatives
4.V. Ramakrishnan VP (Commercial) looks after Passenger Cars business
5.Niraj Srivastava Regional manager Car Product Group
6.Rajesh Kaul Regional manager (West)

Tata Motors Spokesperson has confirmed these changes and said that this has been done to execute new responsibilities. Many people who had a long association with this company opine that this has been done to revitalize the business of cars and bring new talent. However since the truck business is already established these changes will hardly have any effect on the commercial business. Emission norms to Euro III standards become mandatory from October and many people are purchasing the new trucks to comply with this standard.

The pressure on the car sales is increasing day by day. Recently Tata plant at Gujarat has been commissioned thereby stabilizing Nano production. Because of the heavy competition from competing car manufacturers sales of cars Indigo, Indica, Sumo and Safari are subjected to lots of pressure. After Rajiv Dubes exit Tata motors did not appoint anybody as President of car business.

The Benefits Of A Coresatellite Investment Strategy March 28, 2016

The core/satellite model approaches investment strategy using the two major viewpoints of stable investment meant to avoid market volatility, and higher risk investment, which is necessary for higher returns. Because of the instability of financial markets, the construction of the core portion of one’s portfolio is necessary to provide a sound base for one’s investments. As the word “core” indicates, these relatively stable passive investments, like ETFs and passive mutual funds, are the bulk of the portfolio in this strategy. The core will often be balanced with other non-equity investments that fluctuate independently from the stock market

Core investment trading is often limited to manage tax losses, and also because this portion of the portfolio is constructed as a long-term investment for the future. With a stable core in place, the satellite portion of the portfolio is intended for higher performance with a smaller percentage of assets. The smaller size of satellite investments limits the overall risk exposure of the client. At the same time, it gives the portfolio manager the opportunity to actively seek returns that outperform their benchmarks.

Unlike core investments, satellite holdings may be traded very rapidly. Tax losses are inevitable in satellite trading, but there is also the enhanced opportunity for short-term gains. Because of the balanced approach of core/satellite portfolio management, such investments should be utilized in any overall financial investment strategy.

Although active portfolios generally provide greater returns, during periods of instability and lower returns, passive long-term investments linked to major market indices offers a secure base to set benchmarks. The satellite investment portion provides opportunity for additional returns exceeding benchmarks. The core/satellite portfolio is constructed to keep tax and other expenses at a minimum – while limiting volatility within the core – and still having an opportunity of outperforming the broad stock market with satellite investments.

When implementing a core/satellite investment strategy, you should consider your financial situation including risk tolerance, and your budget requirements. The performance of core investments, for example, can be constructed with the intention of meeting minimum expected return requirements. Obviously, then the assets used for satellite investments can be seen as “extra” funds granted to your investment manager for alpha performance using higher risk strategies.

Major institutional investors have used the core/satellite approach for years. The concept of managed risk allotting the majority of one’s assets to stable investments, and a smaller portion within one’s risk levels to more active opportunistic investing, is not new.