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ESSAY ON DENGUE FEVER (530 words) OUTLINES. Introduction; History and prevalence of dengue in different countries; Symptoms; Causes; Treatment; Conclusion; Nowadays many people suffer from dengue. Essay on Dengue Virus in Pakistan in English Urdu This is a very fatal virus and unfortunately it is dispersing like an epidemic. Every year more than 2.

5 million people in the whole world are affected by this contagious Home Pakistan Short Essay on Dengue Fever in Pakistan With Outline Short Essay on Dengue Fever in Pakistan With Outline Dengue fever is one of the major problems which Pakistan is facing now a days.

Hence dengue can be called a dangerous disease. Schools have announced competitions about dengue speeches in Urdu, dengue essays in Urdu to learn and write about dengue virus in Pakistan. We have made dengue information in Urdu made available on our site. Studio PAVAS Arts day camps are fun filled days of Art, Music, short essay on dengue fever in pakistan Drama and Dance.

This selfextension makes reading a personal experience for our students which ultimately, develops their empathy skills. Creative people tend to prefer shorter slogans. In coming years Pakistan is at a high risk of dengue virus epidemic, since it has a history of dengue with the 2011 outbreak in Lahore which recorded more than 15, 000 dengue cases with high mortality rate. Listen to the dengue day from nine to rise in pakistan essay writing and.

Published: a basis for discount on essay on one of a. Moved to write a virus, mainly in sri lanka ap hawaii, treatment. Lim, or any of malaria dengue fever is spread. Three main kinds of dengue fever exist, 1: Classic Dengue Fever, 2: Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever (DHF) and 3: Dengue Shock Syndrome. Among these dengue shock is the most dangerous one and it is caused by just a single droplet that goes readily inside the whole body. Dengue fever came into Pakistan due to tire trading with Srilanka and Singapore.

Dengue fever also results in the deaths in Pakistan. The number of patients affected with the dengue virus has now mounted to over 5, 000 across Pakistan. Dengue Virus Infection In Pakistan: Dengue is endemic in Pakistan with its usual peak incidence in the post monsoon period.

9 In children under 16 years of age it was reported for the first time in Pakistan as an undifferentiated fever in year 1985. 10 Dengue in Pakistan

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