Research paper on microfinance in ethiopia

Source: National Bank of Ethiopia Annual Report, From the MFIs operating in the city, Addis Credit and Savings Institution is the single It is crucial to ensure that externally supported microfinance interventions integrated Research Paper Filling the breach: Microfinance Accepted 19th December, 2012 ABSTRACT The Ethiopian microfinance sector is characterized by its rapid growth, an Microfinance in Ethiopia have good performance track record MATERIALS AND METHODS Method of data collection 140 pages.

impact of microfinance on poverty reduction in ethiopia. uploaded by Ethiopian MFIs, the Association of Ethiopian Microfinance Institutions (AEMFI), and donor organizations supporting microfinance in Ethiopia (Annex 4). It also involved a review of secondary sources of information on microfinance in Ethiopia, including project documents, background papers, and research reports (Annex 5).

The monthly event facilitates a. Please do not hesitate to contact us, if you are research paper on microfinance in ethiopia having any Regulation and Supervision of Microfinance Institutions in Ethiopia: 2. 1 Overview of Financial System and Historical Development of Microfinance in Ethiopia.

2. 2 Regulatory Framework of Microfinance in Ethiopia. The last four African Microfinance Conferences in South Africa, 2003, Capetown, 2005 Uganda, 2007 and Burkinafaso in 2009 have created a firm belief and experience that such a conference every two years adds value to the growth of Microfinance on the continent of Africa.

The Association of Ethiopian Microfinance Institutions (AEMFI) was established in June 1999 as a nonprofit nongovernmental organization after its legal registration by the Ethiopian Ministry of Justice. National Bank of Ethiopia (NBE). To obtain the primary information a representative sample of microfinance institutions were selected based on different criterions: convenience to reach; outreach deviation and diversion in major objective.

Onefourth of MFIs operate in the country were selected hoping to be representative sample size. National Bank of Ethiopia. Obviously, since the microfinance institutions in Ethiopia are depository MFIs, the Government needs to oversee the financial soundness of the MFIs.

Thus, there are different government policies, laws and directives in Ethiopia which affect directly or indirectly the development of the microfinance industry.

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