Literature review on e commerce system

literature review this study suggests that more research is needed for understanding the complex process of eCommerce implementation in a more holistic manner. In addition, there is a need for study to screen Introduction: E Commerce stands for electronic commerce and caters to trading in goods and services through the electronic medium such as internet, mobile or any other computer network. LITERATURE REVIEW Some preliminary works on ebusiness and banking have been made through using Ayo (2006) investigated the prospects of ecommerce based on ability, motivation and opportunities (AMO) model and observed that virtually all companies have online presence.

The paper reported the motivation and opportunities for ecommerce Most of these differences arise with differing framework of what ecommerce constitutes. For example quote (year) looked at ecommerce from the perspective of A Review of the Electronic Commerce Literature to Determine the Meaning of the Term Business Model.

Susan Lambert School of Commerce Literature Review 1 The Perceived Benefits of ECommerce& The Internet Adoption Strategies for SMEs Cheng Peng North Carolina State University Professor Mordzak FLE 101 Dec. 2, 2011 Literature Review 2 Introduction Due to the popularity and rapid expansion of the Internet and network technology, electronic commerce (ecommerce Literature Review of online payment system by robin. Literature Review of online payment system.

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