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Essay topics Sample topic analysis and sample answer References and reading About the author Virginia Lee, BA (Hons), Dip Ed, has been teaching senior English for over Elinor Mompellion Michaels wife and Annas closest friend; works with her to combat the plague and help the villagers. Murdered by Aphra after the plague Friend request form: Want to be friends with this user. Elinor Mompellion Essay Help Elinor Mompellion Essay Help: Need homework help to boost your academic performance?

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Anna Frith, along with Elinor Mompellion and the Gowdies, are all seen as heroine figures throughout the hardship. While Michael Mompellion starts out in favour of conducting isolation for the towns peoples safety, but he later becomes a changed man and closes off when his wife Elinor dies. Josiah Bont takes advantage of the selfimposed quarantine and optimistically takes people money from them. Throughout the book Anna and Elinor Mompellion tend to the needs of the villagers.

The two help with births, and when villagers begin to fall ill, they tend to them until death; and Michael Mompellion tends to their spiritual needs.

Eventually a date is fixed and Michael and Elinor dress in white, Elinor with spring blooms in her arms. As he begins to give thanks, Aphra appears. She Year of Wonders: sample essays. Through Year of Wonders, Readers would infer, therefore, that Mompellion selfishly used Elinor for his selfserving aggrandizing purposes.

His sexual frustrations surface in his relationship with Anna, which diminishes them both. Such an outburst of sexual passion also coincides with the lack of self Anna makes herself a tincture from the poppy she had stolen from Elinor to help with the anguish and she was able to have pleasant dreams.

Anna and the town continue to be affected by the plague and many more die, Anna tending many in their deathbeds. Anna and Elinor also assist Merry. Mompellion, Aphra and Elinor enter a embrace, trying to calm and comfort Aphra, Faiths head comes apart from her body and Aphra lashes out and slits Elinors throat and stabs herself, leaving Anna with no family and one of her closest friends gone as well.

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