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Coursework must be available for moderation by OCR. One of the modules for Further Maths (MEI) is Differential Equations (DE), within which there is an element of coursework. Information about the OCR(MEI) Curriculum 2017 A level Mathematics is available here. Certification of MEI ASALevel Further Mathematics with nonMEI ASALevel Mathematics. It is valid for a student to take OCR(MEI) ASALevel Further Mathematics when their ASALevel Mathematics is taken through a different specification andor Jan 14, 2013 Thanks for posting!

We just need to check something in your message and will publish it as soon as we can. MEI congratulates this years GCSE students on the hard work that they have put into their studies More (UPDATED) MEI congratulates students and teachers on A level and Core Maths achievements and welcomes support for increased participation in May 16, 2017  This presentation explains the structure of the MEI ASA level Further Maths specifications for September 2017.

It explains the options available, and some of the features of Structure of Further Mathematics across the main specifications; SupportGuidance; CPD; FAQs; How will the FMSP support Mei further maths coursework The FMSP has produced summaries and guides to help teachers prepare for the introduction of the new A levels.

Further details of support materials and resources are on the 2017 A levels SupportGuidance page. A level: Level further mathematics decision mathematics gcse maths coursework, Search. Of module content: hour mins written and industry mei a graph above.

Term papers and exams with almost all levels including the foundation on line text books new further mathematics gcse. The end dates for our AS and A Level Maths qualifications are now available (Maths, Further Maths, Maths (MEI), Further Maths (MEI), Additional Further Maths (MEI), Pure Maths and Statistics) (12) Forms Numerical Solutions of Equations Mathematics Coursework (C3) Alvin Sipraga Magdalen College School, Brackley July 2009 1 Introduction In this coursework I will be investigating di erent numerical methods of solving equations.

to give you some idea of the level of detail required in this piece of coursework. IMPORTANT: Students chosen problem should not have an analytical solution. This means that it shouldnt be something that they can solve using the techniques they have learntwill learn in pure maths modules.

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