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Dragonkeeper is the first novel in the internationally bestselling and awardwinning Dragonkeeper series from Australian author Carole Wilkinson. This gripping junior fiction fantasy is the perfect read for secondary school age children. Dragon Keeper (A Dragon Keeper Novel) [Carole Wilkinson on Amazon.

com. FREE shipping on qualifying offers. In the time of the Han Dynasty in ancient China, the last remaining dragon is in danger of being killed by the cruel Emperor. Carole Wilkinson, Dragon Keeper (Dragon Keeper Novel) The book is about a slave girl and a dragon, who travel through China to reach the ocean, carrying a purple dragonstone with them and Dragon Keeper is a story in which she takes part on a journey where she proves her worth and strength to many people including herself.

Although the book got off to a slow start, the plot gradually began to develop. Dragonkeeper is a children's fantasy novel by Australian author Carole Wilkinson.

It is the first book of the Dragonkeeper trilogy. Ping is a slave girl from an evil master. The second book is Garden of the Purple Dragon, first published in 2005, and the third Dragon Moon, first published in 2007.

There is also a prequel to the original Dragonkeeper novel called Dragon Oct 27, 2013 Best Answer: There is a slave girl in which her parents sold her to this guy named Lan and he is a dragon keeper.

She does not have a name because she was sold to him when she was a young girl so she is just known as slave girl. She does his cooking and laundry and feeds the other animals.

Carole Wilkinson has 43 books on Goodreads with ratings. Carole Wilkinsons most popular book is Dragon Keeper (Dragon Keeper, # 1). good job you guys DragonKeeper by Carole Wilkinson is an epic and mysterious book about a poor slaved girl that gets treated like a rat.

Master Lan is Jul 03, 2014 A lot of times if you just type in the name of the book and then add on audiobook, a video will pop up for it.

For example, " Dragon Keeper audiobook. " Judges Report 2004, Childrens Book Council of Australia, 2004 an ambitious novel, marrying ancient Chinese history and culture with magic and fantasy the sights, smells and tastes of this fantastic ancient China are fully realised.

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