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Summary Northern Ireland Politics and Administration What is the significance of the Coleraine University Controversy in the history of Northern Ireland in the 1960s and 1970s? Major Article on the Coleraine Controversy entitled Our Magee Problem: Stormont and the Second University UniversityCollege: University of Arkansas System. Subject: University, Controversy. Get custom essay sample written according to your requirements.

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How to Write Essay in Third Person Coleraine University Coleraine and Apprentice Boys Sample essay 1 Coleraine and Apprentice Boys Sample essay What was the significance of the Coleraine University Controversy andor the activities of the Apprentice Home Essays Coleraine University Coleraine University Controversy.

Topics: Northern Ireland, Social Democratic and Labour Party, United Ireland Pages: 5 Coleraine University Controversy electrified the nationalist side and was the spark that ignited the civil rights movement John Hume Key Points Why a Some sample essays have been added to the Northern Ireland section click on the link below Sample Essays Advertisements Why was the choice of Coleraine as the site for Continue reading Brookeborough and ONeill Sunningdale Agreement Coleraine Controversy The Welfare State in Northern Ireland Further handouts will be added The controversy over the location of the new university in Coleraine demonstrated to the Catholic population of Derry that the Unionist government were intent on continuing to treat them as second class citizens.

The controversy was not confined to the Catholic population, many unionist also supported locating the university in Derry. In an attempt to appease the opposition ONeill agreed to keep Magee College open and then threatened to expel any unionists that voted against the government from the Unionist Party.

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