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Mar 15, 2009  Barbour's essay was a shooin to win; apart from the fact he's hugely respected in this particular area, the rest of the entries were disappointing (with the exception of Claus Kiefer's paper). I appreciate the broad thrust of what the FXQi is trying to achieve with contests such as this, but several of the papers should really have Essay Abstract In this essay, I argue that the idea that there is a most fundamental discipline, or level of reality, is mistaken.

My argument is a result of my experiences with the" science wars"a debate that raged between scientists and sociologists in the 1990's over whether science can lay claim to objective truth. FQXi will be announcing its new Essay Contest soon! Please enter your email address: Note: Joining the FQXi mailing list does not give you a login account or constitute membership in the organization.

The Foundational Questions Institute styled FQXi is pleased to offer a contest program termed as FQXi Essay Contest. Anyone around the world can apply for this contest except foundations employees and consultants. Among the diverse essays in this contest we can find expressions of diverse philosophical views, that I would consider mainly classified in 2 dimensions, with indications their respective favorite interpretations of quantum mechanics, and representative members in this contest and elsewhere.

FQXi is a nonprofit organization that supports the investigation of fundamental questions in physics and cosmology, through grants and the burgeoning essay contest. This years contest was the largest yet, with 271 entries.

Yeah, crackpots and cranks abound, and FQXi's open contests and comments draw some of them out. But I've enjoyed their winning essay contest entries over the years.

And they've especially had some good conferences that I've liked following. Contest entries are accepted" until March 3, 2017, with winners announced in June. " Question: Has anyone here submitted entries in past FQXi essay contests? If so, can you describe your experience with it?

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