John d clare cold war historiography essay

Cold War Revision. A war short of full scale war because of the development of the Atomic bomb. CAUSES OF THE COLD WAR [BARE Beliefs: Russia was a Communist country, ruled by a dictator who cared little about human rights. CNN: Cold War Declassified (a brilliant set of interviews with 'key players' about a range of important Cold War issues) The Cold War Online Museum (a collection of articles) Germany during the Cold War Nov 29, 2010 Overall it's hard to place blame on either the USA or USSR for the cold war.

The early Cold war was essentially a fight between two superpowers acting like children, showing off who had better toys; the USA dropped bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 1945 and the USSR made one of their own. Start with a sentence saying what the poem is about in general terms (war, an argument etc).

Put a suitable comparison term (by contrastsimilarly) and say what your second poem is about. Thus will be particularly easy, because the exam question has almost certainly told you what topic you had to choose a poem about. Welcome to all GCSE History students! SORRY, nothing here for LIBERAL REFORMS (try these BBC Bitesize notes ) or VIETNAM ( good notes here ) Modern World History To What Extent was the Cold War a Struggle between Irreconcilable Ideologies?

This document originally appeared in the collection of essays edited by Peter Catterall, Exam Essays in 20th Century World History (Heinemann, 1999 available on Google books ). Source D. . the Cold War set in. Churchill had given his famous speech in Fulton urging the imperialistic forces of the world to fight the Soviet Union. Our relations with England, France and the USA were ruined. The Brilliant John D. Clare on the causes of the Cold War. MNEMONICS John D.

Clare provides a handy mnemonic for remembering the key reasons for the Cold War BARE that should be supplemented with GESCHichte and DADA.

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