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The War Measures Act (French: Loi sur les mesures de guerre) (5 George V, Chap. 2) was a statute of the Parliament of Canada that provided for the declaration of war, invasion, or insurrection, and the types of emergency measures that The next aspect of the October Crisis that must be discussed is the distinction between the calling in of the Canadian Army, and the implementation of the War Measures Act.

Many fail to realize that the active army presence in Quebec did not depend on the implementation of the War Measures Act. This initiated a series of events, one of which was the invocation of the War Measures Act by Prime Minister Pierre Elliot Trudeau.

Many historians argue that Trudeau was justified in invoking the War Measures Act because the October Crisis ended shortly after the Act was invoked. Although in contemporary Canada there exists a solid debate on the decision Prime Minister Pierre Elliott Trudeau made to implement the War Measures Act during the Nineteen Seventy October Crisis, during the Crisis itself, the vast majority of Canadas people and politicians agreed with the Prime Ministers decision.

Before it was over, Laporte had been murdered, Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau had invoked the War Measures Act and scores of people the war measures act.

The war measures act was created in 1914 and gave the government the full power to do anything in order to maintain peace and safety for all Canadian citizens.

Was Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau justified in invoking the War Measures Act, during the October Crisis in 1970? Decisions only take split seconds, but their results can be huge.

Everyone makes many decisions throughout each day; almost 230 on food alone. Those were Pierre Trudeaus words on October 16, 1970 in a televised statement justifying using the War Measures Act (later the Emergencies Act, 1988), supposedly to confront members of the Front de Libration du Qubec (FLQ). Jan 23, 2013 My thesis is that Pierre Trudeau's decision to pass the War Measures Act was a poor one and my subtopics are the following: what the October Crisis was, what the War Measures Act consisted of at the time of Trudeau's decision, and the effects (long& short term) of the War Measures act being enforced during the crisis.

Dec 06, 1970  On Monday, the House of Commons voted overwhelm ing approval of Trudeau's. proclamation of the War Measures Act. Laporte's funeral the next day at the ornate Eglise de Notre Dame at the Place d' Armes in Old Montreal was an occasion of national mourn ing.

The October Crisis (French: La crise d'Octobre) occurred in October 1970 in the province of Quebec in Canada, mainly in the Montreal metropolitan area. Members of the Front de libration du Qubec (FLQ) kidnapped the provincial Deputy Premier Pierre Laporte and the British diplomat James Cross. The lack of democracy was a direct effect of the War Measures Act, and since the War Measures Act was introduced in both WWI, WWII and during Trudeau's era in the 1970s, it could possibly be imposed nowadays.

Essay on FLQ Crisis 1031 Words 5 Pages On October 5, 1970, British trade commissioner James Cross was kidnapped in his Westmount home by members of the terrorist group Front de liberation du Quebec.

Pierre Trudeau is remembered today for many thingsthe introduction of official bilingualism, the repatriation of the constitution and creation of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, the National Energy Program and, of course, the proclamation of the War Measures Act on Oct. 16, 1970, after the Front de libration du Qubec (FLQ) Pierre Trudeau's Invocation of the War Measures Act and the Impact on the Quebec Sovereignty Movement Patrice D'Aramitz Term Paper Cultural Studies Canada Publish your bachelor's or master's thesis, dissertation, term paper or essay

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