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These limits and requirements are strictly observed by the Board of Graduate Studies and the The thesis is not to master thesis university of cambridge Master Thesis University Of Cambridge Submitting the Soft Bound Thesis Many PhD students have a final thesis submission date of 30th September. Viewing 1 post Many PhD students have a final thesis submission date of 30 th September. This year, 30 th September falls on a Sunday. Students can submit their thesis over the weekend by using the letterbox to the right of the red Once all corrections have been made and approved by the Examiners, and notification has been sent to the Board, the hardbound University Library copy of your dissertation, summary and declaration form, may be submitted to the Board of Graduate Studies, 4 Mill Lane, Cambridge, CB2 1RZ.

Final Submission Dates. The PhD dissertation should be submitted before the last day of your fourth year of study. You can find your submission deadline on your CamSIS selfservice account. The earliest date you can submit is the first day of your ninth term. Extensions can only be granted in limited circumstances; see Extending your When submitting the final hardbound copy of the dissertation you will need to provide a further loose copy of this summary, identical to that bound into the final version.

This is for the University Library file. After Submission When you submit your PhD dissertation to the Board of Graduate Studies they will make certain checks and log your submission. They will then forward the dissertation to the Engineering Graduate Studies Office, usually the If you submit a soft bound copy in the first instance, you will not be asked to produce the final hard bound copy until after receiving a letter of approval for the Degree from the Secretary of the Board of Graduate Studies.

If the Board of Graduate Studies have already emailed you with your Examiners' reports, please submit your hardbound thesis to the Student Registry, 4 Mill Lane.

You can submit it in person or by post to: Student Registry, Academic Division, University of Cambridge, 4 Mill Lane, Cambridge, CB2 1RZ. Submitting the Hard Bound Thesis Final approval for the PhD is conditional on you submitting a hard bound copy of the thesis for deposit in the University Library.

You should also submit a second copy for the Departmental library. If, after examining your dissertation and conducting the oral, the examiners cannot recommend that you pass (even if you correct your work), they will in most cases recommend that you should be allowed to revise and resubmit your work for a second examination.

You will be allowed up to 12 months from the date of the Board's letter giving you the result to submit

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