Book report on a cereal box

Cereal Box Book Report Template PDF. amal. k12. nf. ca. This is an option for the mystery books since you can have the students write a summary of what the main issue was in the book, which can be pasted on the box. Cereal Box Book Report Templates Back of box: Cut out this box and place in on the right side of your cereal box.

Write a summary that describes the main problem and how the problem was solved. Try to use words Book reports are important for improving a child's writing skills and reading comprehension, and they also get the child familiar with the concept of a deadline.

Generally, the hard part is getting children excited about doing book reports. A cereal box book report is one way to encourage enthusiasm I completely forgot about these Cereal box t.

Great for book reports or new creative writing projects. I used to do these back in elementary school and we would have to make a report using cereal boxes or a box. Book reports are revamped and given new life with this creative writing project!

Using a cereal box to creatively display aspects of the story, students will find this means of presentation much more appealing using these activities for gifted students.

Cereal Box Book Reports: Use the front of the box of a picture, one side of the box for a summary, the other for the student's critique of the book, the back for all of the story elements.

Children love eating (especially breakfast) so a cereal book report would definitely peak their interest. A Cereal box book report is a cool way to stimulate the imaginative side and promote writing proficiency of children. This template assists children to express an idea about the basic perception of time limits. Cereal Box Book Report Directions Students will decorate an empty cereal box with illustrations and information related to the book they read using the directions below.

FRONT OF THE BOX: Use a piece of white or light colored paper to cover the front of your cereal box. The cereal box book report is quite an innovative and interesting thing to make students learn and enhance their writing skills. The fun factor makes them love this way of learning and improving their memory power. This months book report will be on a student sele cted fantasy book.

Over th e next month, students will read their book and creat e a cereal box book report at home.

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