Is mailing address necessary on resume

One recent post caught my attention: Why you must include mailing addresses on the resume. Pros of Listing Mailing Addresses: Allows employers to mail important documents to applicant; If the employer is going to screen you out based on where you live, you probably dont want to work for them anyway, so it doesnt matter if you How can the answer be improved?

So instead of including your home address, just put the city of your employer(s) in the experience section. Head over to AvidCareerist for examples of how this should look and more advice on commuting and job satisfaction.

The Real Reason You Shouldn't Put Your Address on Your Resume AvidCareerist. Photo by aaronanderer. Resume formats change with the times and whether or not to include physical address is one of those questions that would not have been asked even a few years ago. The mailing address used to be necessary for companies to send you an interview request or a No Thank You letter. Play it safe and leave the head shot off your resume.

Inappropriate email addresses. The email address may have been cute when you were in college, but its not the best choice to represent your professional brand today. Below are the three reasons never to include your street address on your resume: 1.

Personal Safety. If you post your resume online, youre opening yourself to security risk. Important note: If you take this approach and your job search takes a few months, remember to adjust the time period!

What about on a job application? Do I need to put my real address? Resumes give flexibility for some additional clarification but

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