Listing major and minor education resume

Resume Requirements and Guidelines Your resume MUST meet the requirements below: Official School Names; College: College of Arts and Sciences (note: no undergraduate may list Annenberg as their school on their resume; however, Communication majors may list" Annenberg School coursework" on their resumes.

) Education is an important part of your resume, particularly if you are a recent graduate or going through a career transition. Place your education near the top of your resume if you want to highlight it.

List your major and minor concentrations in a way that will benefit you most in the job market. Add Your Major. Include the word" Major" in a bold font below the degree if it is not already obvious by the degree name what your major was. Follow this with a colon and your major. For example, if your Major was English and your degree was a" BA in Arts, " you would enter" Major: English.

" However, this wouldn't be necessary if you had a" BA in English, " you wouldn't need to include the major. I have a double major. Major in Business and also Biological SciencePreMed.

How do I handle this on my resume? ANSWER: NeeNee I'd just list the 2 majors one after the other under the educational section of your resume. Something like: XYZ University, Candidate for BA in Business, with majors in IT and Finance, degree expected in May list professional certifications, study abroad, titles of courses relevant to the job you are seeking, minor courses of study or" concentrations, " academic honors you earned (these may be listed in a separate section if there are many of them), special skills (i.

e. computer skills which may also be listed in a separate section), your Dec 03, 2013 Majors and Minors on resume (Originally Posted: ) so I majored in poli sci, minored in economics and spanish. On my resume, I do not use the word" major" or" minor, " tho I do differentiate" concentration GPA" vs overall GPA; I also have a lot of econ courses and filled up my relevant course section with them. For job applicants just finishing degrees, Listing major and minor education resume education section of the resume is crucial.

At minimum, you should include the degrees you received, months and years of graduation, and the schools you attended as well as their locations. How to list a minor on your resume.

You should list your minor underneath the your degree, school name and location. If its not obvious what your major was by the name of your degree you would also include Major. Add your major GPA if it's higher than your overall GPA. If your school doesn't use the standard 4. 0 scale, avoid confusion by listing the scale (e. g. GPA: ). As your career progresses, college GPA becomes less important and can be removed.

Include college and graduate school education in the" Education" block of your resume. If you are a recent graduate or have only limited work experience, put the education section before you list paid or volunteer jobs. Double Major in Psychology and Education, 2008. You can also list the doublemajor degree as Big State College,

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