Childhood bereavement literature review

PDF This paper reports on a systematic literature review of bereavement and bereavement care commissioned in Scotland to assist the development of policy and practice there. The review 2 Childhood Bereavement: a rapid literature review Summary This paper provides a brief overview of educational and psychological outcomes for children and young people bereaved of a parent or sibling, and the effectiveness of Bereavement in childhood: the impact on psychological and to childhood bereavement, taking account of each childs needs and circumstances.

This literature review was commissioned by the Department for Education and undertaken by the Childhood Wellbeing Research Centre as part of the fast literature reviews& Reading lists Literature reviews For the most up to date research findings, we publish an annual compendium of statistics and research for Childhood Bereavement Network members, with chapters on the impact of bereavement, what children need, and the effectiveness of support.

Childhood Bereavement: A Qualitative Study Colleen M. Scott Pacific University The following section includes a critical review of the literature on childhood bereavement.

First, what literature was selected for review and the criteria used will be described. A review of childhood grief theories will then be presented, focusing on the What Is Measured in Bereavement Treatment for Children and Adolescents?

A Systematic Literature Review literature review explores the history of Western bereavement theo ries, beginning with Freuds grief work, moving to the stage theo ries, and concluding with current constructivist thought of making The purpose of this literature review is to explore the evidence basein relation to the effects of parental bereavement in childhood. Theresearch and commentary on this topic is useful in terms of social workpractice because it offers much insight into the experiences and needsof children who have lost a parent.

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