How to write a good solo

How To Write A Winning Solo Ad In 3 Steps (Copy& Paste Template Included) Do you struggle to write solo ad copy? I remember when I first got started online, every time I wanted to write an email, I'd sit in front of a blank screen and NOTHING would come out. Then I discovered a 3 Step Solo Ad Writing Formula and now people ask me How can the answer be improved?

Dec 28, 2016  Writing a solo ad does not need to be difficult after all, solo ads are just a short email anyways. But the" copy" (selling words) you use are important as it will get the right Aug 11, 2018 Determine the style of the solo.

Should it be fast? Slow? Technical? Ask yourself as many question as you need to determine what you want. Write notes out that you determined in the scale. Try to follow an up, or down pattern for a few notes and then change it up. For example: A, B, C, B, D, A, C, A. A lesson for beginners wanting to write good guitar solos, and good music as such. Sep 19, 2012  When I write a solo, I take what I learned from pro wrestling school and apply it to the guitar.

Ive got my basic set of chops, punches and kicks; these are my bends and single notes. Then youve got your basic holds and throws, suplexes, and presses; my basic arpeggios and scales.

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