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Feb 01, 2009  Credit Chris Reed. Use a cover letter to explain your reasons for switching jobs something that is difficult to do in a rsum. But first, tell the employer why you are an exceptional How can the answer be improved?

7. Come to your interview prepared to answer any questions the employer may have about your job history. If you need to discuss a negative reason for leaving a job, such as being fired, leave the explanation off the cover letter and save it for the interview.

How to handle sticky situations in your cover letter A few sentences in your cover letter can help explain a long gap in your work history. Check out these examples for help finding the right words. If youre job searching and looking for how to explain job hopping in cover letters and interviews, youve come to the right place. Im going to show you everything you need to know about explaining your reasons for changing jobs, so you can get hired even if youve jobhopped in the past.

How to Address JobHopping in a Cover Letter. If your resume has a lot of gaps in it or you've worked a lot of jobs that lasted less than a year, employers might be less likely to consider you for a position.

While job hopping is becoming more common, it is still important that you as a job seeker write a comprehensive, relevant resume and cover letter that will still convey you are a loyal employee.

Create My Resume If your resume portrays you as job hopping, whether you have or not, dont let this stand in your way. How to Explain Why Youve Been Job Hopping. Networking Job Search Cover Letter Trending Articles Workplace. How To Spot a Toxic Workplace Before You Take The Job. Getting Ahead. 12 Things Successful People Do Each Sep 29, 2013 Job hopping is in the mind of the evaluator.

Two examples of acceptable explanations are family emergencies and company downsizings (in which you were just one of many excused from a Honesty: Sometimes there are no good reasons for job hopping or employment gaps. In this situation, it is a good idea to just be honest about why you left or didnt find work.

Honesty is a good quality for an employee, so it may work in your favor.

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