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Nov 10, 2013 Sample SPM Biology essay question Diagram 6. 1 shows the part of the regulatory mechanism of oxygen and carbon dioxide contents in the body. Based on the diagram, explain how the concentration of carbon dioxide in the blood is regulated during a vigorous activity. The Journey Of Co2 Biology Essay. This essay will explain the uptake and assimilation of carbon dioxide into the plant.

This will cover the processes used to make glucose, the light dependant and light independent reactions that are a part of photosynthesis. A great way of reducing the carbon dioxide levels would be to switch over to a different type of fuel energy in order to receive the same amount of work time, or more, with less maintenance.

One method of reducing CO2 levels is to use Carbon sequestration. Full Marks ALevel Biology Essay Carbon dioxide may affect organisms directly or indirectly. Year 12 Biology Research Tasks Maintaining a Balance Task 3 Blood Technologies for Oxygen and Carbon Dioxide Measurements It is essential in our bodies that oxygen and carbon dioxide levels are in appropriate and healthy amounts within the bloodstream as the excess or lack of the gases becomes detrimental to the being.

the carbon dioxide faster by transporting more blood to the lungs. Another way of carbon dioxide accumulating in the atmosphere is via the carbon cycle when dead or decaying organisms are broken down by saprobionts and carbon dioxide is Base on the outcome of the experiment, it was very obvious that carbon dioxide evolved from fermentation. First of all, considering tube 1, CO2 did not evolve because there was no yeast; only distilled water and glucose.

Also CO2 did not evolve in tube 2 because there was no glucose; only distilled water and yeast. Carbon dioxide and oxygen enter and exit a leaf by diffusion. Which structure(s) on a leaf allow(s) this process to happen?

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