How to write up a lesson plan

Make a master copy or template of the planning pages you use, and write or type those activities that stay the same each week and the times they occur. Make several copies of the new page to replace the blank lessonplan pages, but don't copy them too far in advance, in case you change your weekly schedule. Your approach to writing lesson plans will depend on various factors: how well you know the material you're teaching, how long you've been teaching, the kinds of teaching you've done, and the students you expect to have in your class.

Jun 16, 2011  How to Write a Preschool Lesson Plan. Writing a preschool lesson plan takes time up front, but once you establish a template that works for you the process will become much easier. Thoughtfully created lesson plans will Writing a lesson plan will ensure that you are prepared for your class and will make it run more smoothly. It is important to break the material up into several sections and choose activitie.

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