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Summary# 1 In an essay, Dont Blame the Eater, the author, David Zinczenko argues that childhood obesity today is much in part due to the lack of convenient and inexpensive food choices for children. Tori Howdyshell February 15, 2013 Assignment 1 In the essay, Dont Blame the Eater, David Zinczenko, editorinchief of Mens Health magazine, discusses the recent lawsuits against fastfood chains.

An Analysis of the Essay Don't Blame the Eater by David Zinczenko analysis, david zinczenko, dont blame the eater. Not sure what I'd do without @Kibin Alfredo Alvarez, student @ Miami University.

Exactly what I needed. Sign up to view the complete essay. Show me the full essay. Show me the full essay. More essays like this: Dont Blame the Eater by David Zinczenko Essay Sample. In the article Dont Blame the Eater, written by David Zinczenko, he asserts that children have the right to sue fast food companies because their food made the children unhealthy and overweight. Dont Blame the Eater Dear David Zinczenko, In the essay Dont Blame the Eater, fast food restaurants were blamed for childhood obesity.

If healthier alternatives are not available the obesity rates in children will increase and all consumers of fast food will suffer health wise. Fast food is right in our faces on t. v, on the radio, and even on our way to work or school. Fast food is quick and affordable, which fits perfect for the kinds of busy lives we are living. In Dont Blame The Eater, Zinczenko partly points the finger toward the fast food companies for our heavy fast food consumption.

The essay, Dont Blame the Eater, assesses the fact that many fast food packaging lack the calorie content charts. Additionally, the advertisements lack health warning like in tobacco. The author notes that the information is only provided on request. Summary 2 In David Zinczenko s article, Dont Blame the Eater, Zinczenko blames fast food companies for causing obesity in many youths around the nation.

The fast food restaurants, which are the only option for many of todays youths, are causing obesity. A Summary, Response and Analysis of Don't Blame the Eater, an Essay by David Zinczenko In his essay Dont Blame the Eater, David Zinczenko says he sympathizes with a group of children who are suing McDonalds for making them fat.

Drawing on his own experiences as a 1980s latchkey kid, he describes how easy it is for teenagers to put on weight with a steady diet of fast food meals. Summary of Dont Blame the Eater Dont Blame the Eater by David Zinczenko. tells us of a reason for obesity in children, He came upon an article about kids suing McDonalds for making them fat. He goes on to say that I tend to sympathize with these portly fast food patrons, though.

Nov 23, 2002  A version of this oped appears in print on November 23, 2002, on Page A of the National edition with the headline: Don't Blame the Eater. Today's Paper

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