How to write chess moves

Beginner: Rules and Basics NM Alexander King Avg Rating: 800 Beginner Learn all the rules of chess and how to write, read, and talk about chess moves! If you have been looking at the articles on this site for a little bit, you might have noticed that there are a lot of funny little Chess notation is the term that refers to a system of recording chess moves of a chess game.

Chess notation represents the most practical, most clear and most concise tool with the help of which the scores of the chess games are transmitted. I want to write a chess like program applying the rules as follows: It should have just a king and a queen on one side and the other side should have How to write chess moves a king.

The first side should mate the second side with the lowest number of moves possible. White wants to move a rook to e4, but both rooks could make that move, and both are on the efile. In this case, put the number of the starting rank for the piece that is moving, instead of the file letter. Here are some examples: R7e4 Rook on the seventh rank moves to e4. N1xc3 Knight on the first rank captures a piece on c3. The moves of a chess game can be recorded in a variety of ways.

You will probably see algebraic notation used more often but older chess books often use descriptive notation. It is a good idea to be conversant with them both. Learn chess notation to be able to read and replay chess games. While playing a game of chess you make a list of chess moves. You write down each move after you made it. How to Write Chess Moves A Simple Guide for Beginners Written by Paul Macdonald 27 September 2012. Learning Chess Language You're going to quickly learn everything you need to know about reading and writing chess moves, called" chess notation".

Algebraic Chess Notation is the fancy name for today's accepted chess Chess Notation describes each move with the name of the pieces and the square to which it is moved. Each piece has its own letter abbreviation, except the pawn. If no piece is named, its assumed to a pawn move, and Knight is N not K, which is King. Learn how to read and write algebraic chess notation, as this is one of the best things you can do to improve how you play the game.

To note a move, simply write the abbreviation of the piece moving, along with the square Hi again, here is second part of the article about chess notation (click here for part 1). By now, you already know the basics of How can the answer be improved?

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