Is military service good for a resume

Military experience is valuable in the job market. The armed forces teaches its personnel discipline and leadership and trains them in a variety of areas all skills that employers like to see in potential job candidates. However, properly marketing military experience on a resume can be challenging. Applicants Your military service is invaluable to your success at finding a civilian job. Follow our simple guide to transform your military experience into a resume that can help you transition to the civilian workforce.

Check out military veteran resume examples for ideas to get you started. The stronger the message, the more likely youll get a favorable response. Thats why you should take a look at our military resume samples, for insight into what makes a military resume work. Oct 10, 2016  Heres the Main Problem with Your Military Resume Ex military veteran resumes contain terminology and acronyms that some recruiters might not understand. Phrases like, Assistant G3 Training Office r and Battery Commander might be impressive in the service, but dont mean much for potential employers.

Resume Packages Career Coaching Veteran Job Board Recruiting Services Click on the military resume samples below to view. You may also be interested in our militarytocivilian resume writing guide that shows you the steps involved in writing a resume for civilian andor federal employers. Decorated police officer transitioning from the US Marine Corps Military Police (MP) to civilian law enforcement tour of duty ends December 2009.

Highly motivated to leverage five years of achievements during MP career to provide dedicated service for a city or county police department. Apr 05, 2007 Yes, any military experiance looks good on all resumes because it shows you have some disipline in your life and that is what a job wants!

! Now you can show you have that in your life without going to the military, but it all depends on YOU! ! ! !

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