Interest group definition example essay

Interest groups will recruit, endorse, and or provide financial or other support for political candidates to focus voters attention on candidates who advocate policies that will help achieve the interest groups goals. Interest groups, also referred to as: special interests, pressure groups, organized interests, nongovernmental organizations (NGOs), political groups, lobby groups and public interest groups, are organized collections of people or organizations whose goal is to influence public policy (511).

Interest Groups Essay example 2320 Words May 4th, 2013 10 Pages At present, there are approximately 3, 000 different interest groups that are formally recognized by the European Union (Kirchner 2011). Definition of Interest Groups Politics is a significant aspect of any democratic government. Interest groups are one of the institutions that influence the functions of a democratic government.

Interest Groups Essay Examples. 10 total results. The Goals and Benefits of Interest Groups: The Example of the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (NORML) 1, 509 words. 3 pages. An Overview of the Interest Groups and the Government Influence in the Public and Private Sectors. The examples with the AARP and the NRA was good as to explain the difference between the broad and narrow along with the quick explanation of a single issue groups.

It did not leave me with any question as to the different types of groups. Bottomline is, interest groups has it own merits and demerits in order for it to function as an interest group. The demerits can be abolished with proper procedures and proper preventive measures.

If not the interest groups may be useless. How can the answer be improved?

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