My dislikes and likes essay about myself

668 Words Essay on My Likes and Dislikes (free to read). Examples are part of an essay for a specific purpose, though: to inform, not to entertain. Wellchosen examples can be interesting for your reader.

My Likes and Dislikes 1 When you are asked to write about your LIKES AND DISLIKES try to include some of the following points in your essay: 1. every one has likes and dislikes Our likes and dislikes, however, give us an insight into our inner self. They are the sum and substance of our character, temperament and disposition. Like all others, I too have a few likes and dislikes.

My likes and dislikes arc rather limited. The first thing I positively dislike is the nerve racking discipline imposed upon the youngers by the elders or by those in authority. Why should anybody bother my life with dos and donts? Article shared by.

Man is but a bundle of peculiar tastes and mannerslikes and dislikes. Some relish a dish of meat while others hate it. Curd is such a useful thing and most people like it but there are people who hate it like anything. my likes and dislike of being student I like being a student because it gives me an opportunity to meet new groups of people and learn new things. Im a real extravert person and I like to have friends beside me when Home 10th Class Essay on My Likes and Dislikes Complete Essay for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

My Likes and Dislikes The subject calls upon me to make an open confession. Aug 04, 2009 I also like my ability to get along with most people, when I allow myself to do so, I have become a bit of a recluse since I have been so overweight. I dislike my fat body intensely and thank goodness I am now doing something about it, it has ruined my life for far too long now. Dec 13, 2013 So, I was talking with my counselor the other day, and she told me I should write down 5 things that I like about myself, and I figured it would fun for all of us to try, I'll begin 1.

Caring and softhearted. I'm reeaally soft hearted, I mean, I care for people I don't even know, and I care about Here is your short paragraph on my likes and dislikes: Likes. Like every human beings I have many likes& dislikes. When I talk about my likes I like to talk about my favourite color, TV shows, movies, actoractresses, food, books, pets, sports& music. My life has been quite peaceful because of the ability to understand situations, factors and things that I like and dislike.

Besides, I am always careful to learn similar issues, that is, likes and dislikes associated with people around me. I am a boy with very strong likes and dislikes.

My parents have always to me that good people are honest, simple, and kind. Therefore, I dislike

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